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Keefer has a talent. He can eat. So when he gets fired from his job, finds his girl getting banged by a tranny, then gets a ticket for speeding, he breaks down and finds he has no direction. Its not until his good friend Meegosh sets up FOOD WARS, an underground food eating competition in his friend Grundels basement. Word gets out and everybody in town wants a piece of the champ. But its not until the towns healthy Mayor Fingstal tries to shut things down using his two cronies, Officer Slivjack and Biggsley, thats when things really heat up. Then it all comes down to one final food battle from hell, the Nacho Mountain!

Nacho Mountain dvd's are available for purchase below. It is now circulating film fests worldwide and currently seeking distribution. Any questions or reviews, just drop us a line in the contact section of this website. Thanks again to all who support the Nacho.